3.0 smooth bore

Last year of mwe groove turbo

  1. Maximum Weight 8200 LBS
  2. All trucks are subject to teching at any time, any truck in default of the rules will not be allowed to pull. No Exceptions.  Prior to the first pull of the season EVERY truck must be checked for rule compliance prior to pulling.
  3. The OEM Chassis is mandatory. The vehicle must retain the full OEM chassis that matches the length of the OEM body.  Wheel tubs, back-half conversions, tube chassis are prohibited.  Vehicle wheelbase must not exceed an OEM Production 3/4 or 1 ton truck, No Cab and Chassis trucks permitted.  Rigid suspension allowed. No airbags.
  4. Hydraulic steering is allowed.
  5. The body must be an OEM truck body, including the complete OEM floor pan and must retain complete OEM firewall in factory location. Complete bed floor, hitch is allowed to protrude thru the bed floor w/ minimum amount of floor removed.  No flatbeds permitted.  The body must retain the full sheet metal, aftermarket steel hood are permitted.  The hood must be closed and securely latched while hooked to the sled.  Headlights, taillights, marker lights and front bumper must be present, lights do not need to be working. Except for reverse light. Wipers to be in place do not to be functional
  6. Maximum engine size will be 460 cubic inch. Engine must have SFI harmonic balancer.  No engine driven fans allowed.  Engines must come from factory in one ton or smaller diesel pickup truck.  Engine must remain in engine compartment as intended by manufacturer.  Engines may be interchanged between manufacturers. Aftermarket blocks and head permitted, only replica material. Ex cast iron block must remain cast, or aluminium cast heads can be replaced by cast aluminum
  7. No batteries to be mounted in cab of truck.
  8. Minimum of one functioning reverse light.
  9. All engines will have a deflection shield, running the complete length of the block casting, height to be to bottom of head. Shield must be securely fastened and must be .060” thick (This equates to a steel inner fender) plastic is forbidden.
  10. Hook point must be no closer than 44” of center line of rear axle, hitch height maximum of 26”, with a minimum of a 3.75” X 3.0” opening. Hitch point must be easily accessed.  No “trick” type hitches permitted.  Hitch must be stationary in all directions.  Hitch must be frame mounted.  Hitch must be mounted at center line of rear axle or behind.  Hitch must not exceed a maximum of 25 degrees angle from pivot point to hook point.  No hitch supports or adjusters fastened to the rear axle housing shall be above the centreline of the rear axle.  Pivot pin of drawbar can be no farther forward than center line of the rear axle.
  11. The turbocharger is smooth faced intake housing, limited to a maximum of 3.0” inlet (no map ring) with all air entering though the 3.0” opening. Intake wheel must protrude 1/8th inch inside of opening.
  12. Last year for mwe groove turbos, all turbos next year to be smooth bore
  13. Test trial for a limit of 3 pulls, any trucks running larger than turbo or a 2 stage setup must drop 500lbs and will be allowed to pull, must still have minimum safety requirements, drive shaft loops and u joints shields, trans blanket, this is a test trail, if weight drop is not enough we may require to drop more weight or lower hitch height to 24”.
  14. Exhaust must exit straight up, with (2) 3/8” bolts mounted in a cross pattern no more than 1” apart as close to the turbine wheel as possible, no more than 6” away from turbine wheel.
  15. Intercoolers allowed. Dumping or draining intercoolers without a catch pan within 100 feet of competition track is prohibited.
  16. Water injection is allowed.
  17. Air shut off must have a cable that goes to the rear of the truck operated by the sled operator and also one to the cab of the truck may also be electric. Kill switch will be securely mounted to the back of the vehicle and have a two (2) inch diameter metallic ring to attach the sled.
  18. Fuel Systems: Maximum of one P7100 pump, limited to one plunger per cylinder. The use of multiple high pressure common rail fuel pumps or HPOPs is allowed. Electronic fuel injection is permitted.  A 3-way dump valve mounted before the injection pump is mandatory which can be operated by the driver while strapped in the seat, required for mechanically injected trucks only. AG governor allowed
  19. No fuel lines of tanks permitted inside of truck cab unless securely mounted in marine box.
  20. Fuel limited to diesel fuel. No alcohol, nitrous, propane or any oxygen enhancing agents allowed.
  21. Must run DOT approved tire. Maximum measured tire height 35”, no studded tires or chains.  No alteration to DOT tires allowed.  Dual rear wheels are permitted on rear axle only.  Maximum of 6 tires.
  22. Front weights must be no more than 60” from the center line of the front axle to forward most point and be securely fastened. No weights are allowed in cab of the truck.  If weights are located in the bed of the truck they are to be securely fastened to the bed of the truck. Maximum of 8200lbs. Only weights and ice/water chest may be past the front bumper and required equipment to have ice chest functional, no batteries, fuel, catch can, etc.
  23. Interior must have 2 matching front seats, rear seats may be removed, front doors must have panels, functional Windows mechanism, dash board to be in place, and carpet must be in place.
  24. Drive train will consist of the following; OEM front axle, OEM transfer case, OEM automatic or standard transmission available in 3/4 or 1 ton trucks, and OEM rear axle. No planetaries permitted.
  25. All trucks must have working front brakes.
  26. Automatic or manual transmissions must have functioning clutch safety switch or neutral safety switch.
  27. No cast iron clutches or flywheels permitted, must be SFI approved. SFI bell housing blankets and or SFI blow proof bellhousing required. Automatic transmissions must have a full length blanket or shield, must meet SFI 4.1.
  28. All trucks must have at least one u-joint shield around each driveshaft u-joint on the truck. This shield shall completely cover the joint being protected. The shield may be steel or aluminum and must be at least 1⁄4” thick. The rear driveshaft shall have one restraining hoop located approx. mid length of the driveshaft. This hoop shall be steel or aluminum and must be at least 1/4” thick and securely mounted.
  29. Fire extinguisher (2.5#) or fire suppression system, helmets- Snell 90 or better, seatbelts and SFI fire suits required, at least a jacket pants not required.
  30. Rules locked for 2 seasons