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For many visitors, the fair is also a time to show off that homegrown tomato or prize-winning calf. Families and community come together to compete in everything from baking to agriculture. For 609 exhibitors in 3955 classes in 2012, ages 2 and up it is not about the prize money, but a chance to show the community your talents.

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Prize Book Departments are available for direct download from the links below. Please review departments for classes, costs, tips, rules etc.

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Visit our Exhibitors Site to register and enter in classes. To avoid the late fees, livestock entries must be registered before Friday, September 9th, 2016. Homecraft registration can be made on line until Monday evening, September 19th. After that time – registration must be made at the Carp Fair Office.

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This year’s fair runs from Thursday, September 22nd to Sunday, September 25th, 2016. Homecraft entries can be brought in Wednesday evening, September 21st, 2016 beginning at 6:00 p.m. Entries will also be accepted on Thursday morning from 8:00 – 9:30 a.m.

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Agricultural Department

Agricultural shows are an important part of cultural life in rural towns and a great way to learn about our agriculture roots.

Carp Fair offers a great selection of agricultural shows and exhibits. Best known for their Heavy Horse Shows, Carp Fair has one of the largest outside show rings in Ontario as well as numerous show barns and stalls. From judged livestock shows to agricultural displays and events, Carp Fair is a great way to spend the day or the weekend.

Rules & Regulations:

Please review rules and regulations carefully

1. The Rules and Regulations of the Carp Agricultural Society are established by the Board of Directors, are administered by the Board and may be changed by the Board.
2. Stock and all articles for competition or exhibition must be entered in the name of the bona-fide owners, and unless this rule is observed, no premium shall be awarded, and if awarded, shall be withheld. Any exhibitor found guilty of the above irregularities will forfeit all prizes won at the exhibition.
3. No animal shall be allowed to compete as purebred unless it posses regular Stud or Herd Book Pedigree, a certified copy of which must be presented on demand of the Directors in Charge.
4. No person shall act as Judge for awarding prizes for the class in which he or she or any member of their family is a competitor. The Judge’s decision shall be final, and anyone found abusing judges will forfeit all claims to prizes and may be debarred from exhibiting.
5. No animal hereditarily unsound is to be awarded a premium. Any animal affected by a contagious or infectious disease or suspected of same may be removed at the discretion of the Directors.
DSC_06306. No person shall be allowed to enter for exhibition more than one specimen in any section of a class; this rule to apply to grain, field crops, vegetables, fruit, honey, maple syrup, domestic products, sewing, crafts, flowers and art.
7. Under the terms and conditions of the Livestock Classification establish by Agriculture Canada, exhibitors of purebred beef and dairy cattle, purebred sheep and purebred heavy horses, are limited as to the number of entries. It shall be the responsibility of exhibitors to check the various Departments in the prize list for details. In each case, where the same or common interests are involved in more than one breeding operation, such operators are considered as one breeding unit. All entries must be owned by and registered in the name of the exhibitor.
8. Exhibitors of light and heavy horses may make up two (2) entries per class except where specified under the Hayes Classification. The Light and Heavy Horse Committees may, at their discretion, limit the total number of entries that will be accepted per class, such limits to be published in the current prize list.
9. Entries of any exhibitor in any Department may be refused in the case of an exhibitor who has shown an objectionable attitude or who has acted in an unsportsmanlike manner at a show. The various Committees in charge reserve the right to refuse any entry.
10. Any article or animal enumerated in the list, if it is the only one of the kind on exhibition, will be judged accordingly, and any animal for which a prize has been awarded may be entered for prizes at any subsequent Exhibition as long as the owner thereof wishes.

Download Prize Book from links to the left.

Agriculture Prize Book

Click on the links below to review the departments and classes available.

Light Horse Department
Beef & Dairy Cattle Department
Sheep Department
Junior Agricultural Department
Field Crop Department
Grains & Seed Department
Fruit and Vegetable Department
Maple Syrup

Having problem viewing online? Email media@carpfair.ca

Board of Directors

Agricultural Department

Immediate Past President: Dale Deugo
President: Ron Bidgood
1st Vice-President: Dan Lord
2nd Vice-President: Chad Findlay
Directors: Doug Norton, Ryan Foley, Neil Falls, Brent Palsson, James Daley, Jonathan Daley, Kyle Rivington, Scott Moore, Mike Jensen
Associates: Jason Nicholson, Kevin Potter, Jason Kemp

Exhibitor Passes

Exhibitor’s passes will be awarded according to the following schedule:
Horses – 1 or 2 animals – 1 pass; each additional 2 animals – 1 pass
Cattle – 1 to 4 animals – 1 pass; each additional 4 animals – 1 pass
Sheep – 1 to 8 animals – 1 pass; each additional 8 animals – 1 pass
Field Crops, Maple Syrup, Honey, Wine, Beer, Grains, Seeds, Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Domestic Science, Sewing & Crafts – Less than 10 articles exhibited, a pass for Sunday only. Ten articles or more, a weekend pass, if over twelve years of age.

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For 153 years Carp Fair has showcased everything from agricultural exhibits to live musical performances. There is something for everyone and all age groups. Throughout the year the Carp Fairgrounds offer indoor winter storage, licensed hall rentals and beautiful grounds to host your event.

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