6500/7500/8500 STOCK GAS TRUCKS

  1. The OEM restraint system is mandatory and must be worn.
  2. Must pull off bumper or Reese hitch. Hitch point must be rear most part of vehicle. Located behind closed tailgate. Hitch must be affixed to frame rigid in all directions, and must pull from rear of frame.
  3. Hitch height 26 inches from hook point.
  4. Vehicle should look and sounds like an everyday vehicle.
  5. Pump gas only. Max 93 octane.
  6. Vehicle must have original motor available in that model of truck, must retain original O.E.M. fuel system.
  7. Nitrous oxide is not permitted
  8. Superchargers are not permitted
  9. Turbo chargers are not permitted (except Ford ecoboost – turbo must be stock OEM turbo from Ford )
  10. Any other power adders( fuel injected or pressurized) are not permitted
  11. Cold air intakes are permitted
  12. Programmers are permitted
  13. Exhaust modifications are permitted but exhaust must exit at rear of vehicle or stacks in bed of truck  ( no exhaust through the hood )
  14. Tires to be no higher than 36 inches, and must be dot approves tire( D.O.T. stamp must be visible on tire.
  15. No super swamper tires or other pulling tires permitted ( specific tires designed for pulling or tractor or bar style tires cut tires not permitted)
  16. Tire width not to exceed ______13_______ inches.
  17. Rough idle will be considered a modified vehicle.
  18. Loss of equipment under the green will stop the pull and pull will not be measured.
  19. Suspension, Rear: An OEM – style suspension is mandatory. Lowering or raising the vehicle height with suspension modifications is permitted. Traction bars and devices are permitted IF EQUIPPED FROM THE FACTORY. All OEM suspension mounting points must be retained and Sway bars, limit straps, and camber kits are permitted. All rear suspensions must use at least one working shock absorber per wheel. Airbag spring assistance is permitted if airbag compressors are disconnected. Rigid suspension blocks are permitted.